Things to know before insuring your luxury car

Things to know before insuring your luxury car: Teslas, Porches, Corvettes, Mercedes, Range Rovers, etc.Life is good...the car you've been dreaming about for years, maybe even since childhood, is now yours! Chances are, when you bought your luxury car, you had very specific tastes and preferences in mind, and spent some time evaluating exactly what amenities you wanted in your ... Read More

To claim or not to claim : when should I file an insurance claim?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “should I file a claim.” Just the other day a client called me and told me they had some minor damage to their vehicle and wondered if he should file a claim or just pay out of pocket. A few days ago I was driving down the 202 and had … Read More

Home insurance and monsoon storm related claims

Yesterday I had the good fortune of being selected by 12 News reporter Brandon Hamilton to discuss home insurance and monsoon storm related claims. You can watch the video segment by Clicking Here. Following my visit with Brandon, I thought of a few more ideas that I felt were important for home owners to understand, but that we did not … Read More