The Five Strangest Types of Insurance

Insurance is something that most of us have become extremely familiar with. It is there to protect us just in case things go wrong. We pay a monthly premium in order to purchase certain types of insurance in an effort to make sure that we are financially covered in case of an emergency. There are some types of insurance that … Read More

Why Cheap Commercial Insurance Can Be Costly

Why Cheap Commercial Insurance Can Be Costly

Are you tempted into buying cheap commercial insurance for your business? Think twice, it may end up, incurring huge bills in your company in the long run. Some business owners in Arizona don’t consider insurance as one of the basic operating expenses like inventory. There are some who get policies like commercial liability just because it’s required by state law. … Read More

Worlds Tallest Home in Prescott Arizona

So my question is, would you like to own this home in Prescott Arizona. I’m sure the home has some beautiful views. I’m not sure how expensive it would be to insure it. Would you like to buy it? It is being touted as the worlds tallest home.

Maricopa County Experiences Explosive Growth

According to, Maricopa County experienced explosive growth between July 2015 and July 2016. By explosive, it was had the highest growth of any county in the nation. Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore lead the nation in largest population drop and Maricopa County had the largest population gain in the country. We love Arizona and can totally understand why people want … Read More