Memorial Day is much more than fun and BBQ’s

True, many of us will enjoy Memorial Day poolside, sipping a cold drink, eating a hamburger, playing games and enjoying time with friends or family. However, we would all do well taking time out of our day to stop and remember why we celebrate Memorial Day. The holiday originally was called Decoration Day and started after the Civil War to … Read More

Things to know before insuring your luxury car

Things to know before insuring your luxury car: Teslas, Porches, Corvettes, Mercedes, Range Rovers, etc.Life is good...the car you've been dreaming about for years, maybe even since childhood, is now yours! Chances are, when you bought your luxury car, you had very specific tastes and preferences in mind, and spent some time evaluating exactly what amenities you wanted in your ... Read More

Four Tips to Find the Right Health Insurance Plan

The world of health insurance coverage can be quite tricky and tiresome to navigate, especially if you have no clue where to start. Here are some expert tips on how to choose the best individual health insurance Arizona plan. Discover Your Marketplace Most employees in the country get their health insurance coverage from their employer. Hence, if you belong to … Read More

Seven Easy Steps to Reduce Homeowner Insurance Costs

When you have a house, you should invest in homeowner Arizona insurance company for dealing with accidental damages to your property. If this is your first time to get insurance, you may be worried about the price. If you are renewing your policies, you may want to improve the rates that you previously received. To make sure that you can … Read More

On average, drivers can save $859 per year by shopping for car insurance.

Did you know, on average, drivers can save $859 per year by shopping for car insurance! That is a staggering number in my opinion. According to Nerdwallet, that is the average savings for drivers across the US. In Arizona the average savings is $733, which is still substantial. The average consumer has been with their insurance carrier for 4 years; … Read More

ERISA requirements for group health insurance plans

With the ever-changing landscape of health insurance today, many of us find it hard to keep up. As an insurance broker, it is my job to stay abreast of these changes and assist my clients in also staying up-to-date as well. In a recent survey, one law that most smaller employers are totally unaware of is the requirements mandated under … Read More

Why are auto insurance rates going up and what can I do to keep mine down?

Have you ever wondered why your auto insurance rates keep going up even though you haven’t filed a claim or gotten a ticket or the like? I get asked this question on an everyday basis. Aside from the obvious factor of inflation, I want to share with you my own personal experience and hopefully also help explain why auto rates … Read More